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Indy Cinejibs offers the industry standard Jimmy Jib Triangle, Jimmy Jib Lite & PoleCam packages with or without an operator.
Call, text or e-mail us anytime for a quote.  We love indie films and can work with most any budget.  Just reach out!
There is nothing like moving, flying, floating camera shots to raise the production value of your show.  We fly cameras ranging in size from GoPros to fully loaded Arris or REDS up to 50lbs for commercials, music videos, films, corporate, medical and live events.

Jimmy Jib Triangle

The Triangle can be built in lengths from 6' to 40' and can take up to 50lbs. of camera weight at any length.  


Jimmy Jib Lite

The Lite can be built in lengths from 6' to 18' and can take up to 15lbs. of camera weight at any length.  


The PoleCam is built for small cameras and tight locations.  It is so lite-weight that it can even be work and carried with ease.  We can carry cameras up to Canon C100 size and offer a variey of control options.

Indy Cinejibs

"You're cleared for take-off"

Call, Text or Email for availablity and booking

(indycinejibs email)


Based in Indianapolis, Indiana
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